Hot Pads

Magic Warm pad(Magic Hand warmer) heart shape for warming and muscle relax. It is convenient or travel, camping, sail, outdoor game and work. It is good warming product in winter. It is also a lovely and warm gift. Without using battery and hot water and can be reusable many time, the magic heat pads (handwarmer)are recycled and environmentally friendly products

Item NO: Description  N.W.(G)     +/-5% Packing PHOTO  
MHP15 ROUND   Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear   10x10(CM) 85 bulk packing    250PCS/CTN/0.021CBM, 24500PCS/20'container
MHP19 HEART SHAPE  Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear   9x9(CM) 65gs bulk packing,     200PCS/CTN/0.022CBM carton size: 43x37x13.5(CM)           320,000PCS/20' container  13/14KGS/CTN
MHP42 HEART SHAPE  Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear   11X11(CM) 120 bulk packing,     200PCS/CTN/0.022CBM carton size: 43x37x13.5(CM)           320,000PCS/20' container  13/14KGS/CTN
MHP39 EYES PAD  Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear 6.8X6.8(CM) 30 bulk packing                        360pcs/ctn/0.020cbm  486,000PCS/20' container
MHP20 heart shape  Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear 18x18(CM)   420 colour box     32PCS/CTN/0.040CBM  21,600PCS/20'container
MHP41 FOOT SHAPE     Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear   size:35x26 cm 600 PAPER BOX    32PCS/CTN/0.032CBM   27,040PCS/20'container
MHP7 RECTANGLE   Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear    25X14(CM) 560 PAPER BOX     24PCS/CTN/0.031CBM 
MHP9 RECTANGLE FOR SHOULDER   Color:Red,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple, Blue, Green & Clear    45X20(CM) 1000 COLOR BOX    12PCS/CTN/0.028CBM 12,000PCS/20'container

How it works:

What if you could somehow super cool the water? That is, say that you could get the water's temperature to 10 degrees below freezing without it crystallizing into a solid (you can sometimes do this using a very clean glass and distilled water so there are no points for the water to begin crystallizing). In this condition you can tap the glass and the temperature of the water will jump up to 32 degrees F/0 degrees C and the water will solidify quickly. Our magic heating pads contain sodium acetate and water. It turns out that sodium acetate is very good at super cooling. It "freezes" at 130 degrees F or 54 degrees C, but it is happy to exist as a liquid at a much lower temperature and is extremely stable. Clicking the disk, however, has the ability to force a few molecules to flip to the solid state, and the rest of the liquid then rushes to solidify as well. The temperature of the solidifying liquid jumps up to 130 degrees F or 54 degrees C in the process. When you boil the solid you melt it back to the liquid state. You have to completely melt every crystal or the liquid will quickly re-solidify. You can repeat this cycle thousands of times, just as you can freeze and melt water as many times as you like.

How it use:

To activate: 1. Flex metal disc back and forth until crystals form. 2. Knead pad to soften. To recharge: 1. Boil water in a pot. 2. Place a cloth on bottom of pot. 3. Place the pad on cloth inside the pot, and continue to boil water until all crystals are dissolved, and the pad is completely clear. 4. When the pad is completely clear take it out of the water and place it on a cloth to cool down. Completely clear means completely clear. If even one tiny little crystal is left the liquid will quickly re-solidify. Hold the pad up against a light and make sure there are no crystals left. If there is even one tiny little crystal, continue to boil until it melts. 5. When the pad cools down, it is ready to be used again. 6. If crystals start forming while the pad is cooling, repeat steps 1,2 and 3.